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The Basel Signaling Alliance is a center of excellence hosted by the University of Basel. The Basel area has a strong tradition in innovative signal transduction research due to its world-class biomedical research institutions, its internationally renowned pharmaceutical industries and its well-recognized biotechnology companies. The Basel Signaling Alliance brings together the local signal transduction community to further enhance signal transduction research and teaching in the Basel area.  The Basel Signaling Alliance is open to all signal transduction researchers in the Basel area, including basic and applied scientists and clinicians.


Communication in and between cells has a determining influence in basic biological processes and in health. In many major diseases, the intra- and/or extra-cellular transmission of signals is impaired.  Knowledge of these dysfunctions improves diagnoses and contributes to the development of better therapies. Identification and characterization of signaling pathways in health and disease requires an integrated, multidisciplinary approach combining biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, clinical biology, computational biology, and an array of cutting-edge technologies.  To achieve this, the Basel Signaling Alliance pools existing expertises and technologies in the Basel area, making them more accessible to all members of the Alliance as a whole.  The Basel Signaling Alliance will apply its leading national role in the molecular aspects of signal transduction to purse, in conjunction with the Swiss Pharmaceutical industry, unexploited development opportunities.


Basel Signaling Alliance
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