From systems complexity to therapy

The Basel Signaling Alliance synergistically integrates the following three aspects of signaling research:

Fundamental signaling biology
Investigators in this area focus on elucidating basic molecular mechanisms of signal transduction. These researchers address common issues of signaling in growth, development, aging, death and other basic biological processes. Several robust experimental animal model systems including S. cerevisiae, D. melanogaster, C. elegans, D. rerio and M. musculus are used to determine the in vivo role of specific signaling pathways in mediating the above processes.

Translational research
This part of the network consist of basic and clinical researchers and physicians combining efforts to better understand signaling defects in specific disease states, and to develop individual therapies tailored on a molecular understanding of specific signaling alterations. Disease states of particular interest include cancer, chronic inflammation and metabolic disorders.

Technology development
The third focal area of the Basel Signaling Alliance seeks to develop technologies to identify the molecular components of cellular signaling systems and the interactions between these components, to monitor cellular changes in response to functional perturbations of these components, and to build mathematical models that allow predictions of complex systems behavior.




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